Inner Child Work in Therapy

Hi, and welcome to this post. Do take a look at my previous posts to find out more about how I work.

In this post I’d like to tell you a bit more about how I work with you and your inner child.

Inner child work is a vital component of inner work (alongside shadow work) because it reconnects us with a wounded element of ourselves: the child within.

When we reconnect with this fragmented part of ourselves, we can begin to discover the root of many of our fears, phobias, insecurities and sabotaging life patterns.

This is where the true healing happens!

Firstly it’s important to understand that there are different types of childhood trauma.

These include the physical (including sexual), emotional and mental variety.

Also, when a childhood trauma is severe or repeated enough, it can result in soul loss.

This is why you might need to undergo a process known in shamanic circles as “soul retrieval.”

Soul retrieval is literally the process of “retrieving” the hidden, or inaccessible parts of your soul.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that forces us to repress our inner child and “grow up.”

But the truth is that while most adults physically “grown-up,” they never quite reach emotional or psychological adulthood.

In other words, most “grown-ups” aren’t really adults at all.

This leaves most people in a state of puerile fears, angers, and traumas that fester away in the unconscious mind for decades.

In order to remove the guilt, shame, fear, hatred, self-loathing and anger that we carry with us, we have to heal the child within.

To do this, we must earn the trust of our inner child through love and self-nurturing.

If you’d like to start your journey of inner healing, with my support, get in touch today to book your first session.

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Published by Dilnia

I have over 10 years experience working in a variety of social and health care settings. I worked in community care and NHS setting. I have done a lot of work with couple and individual relationships. I have a passion for working with mindfulness, self-esteem, confidence, CBT and believe strongly in reaching outcomes desired by my clients using the therapeutic relationship. I welcome any new clients, and any questions. Please do ask anything else you would wish to know. Details on contacts page.

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