Creative Therapies

The use of creative therapeutic approaches in therapy can help clients to tap into their visual, auditory and experiential way of communicating.

Through the use of creative tools such as sand tray, art materials, active imagination, therapeutic stories or role play, a therapist enables a client to ’step outside’ their problems and work with a metaphor or visual image.

It can help individuals understand current and past issues, develop an alternative perspective, exploration and expression of emotions that might otherwise be difficult to articulate.

The use of creativity in therapy can also help us to work with the imagination to break out of unhelpful patterns of behaviour to gain new solutions for the issues that are causing a client distress.

Clients can sometimes feel safer to practice new ways of interaction through creative methods in a way that moves us beyond words.

I particularly enjoy the use of visualisation.

It encourages clients to use imaginative thinking either through drawing, or painting.

The symbolic meaning of those drawing picture or world can then be explored through the representation, arrangement and relationship to each other whilst placed or maneuvered in the draw.  

If you feel that this type of therapy is right for you, or any of the other approaches I use (see my other blog posts), do get in touch to set up an initial session.

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Published by Dilnia

I have over 10 years experience working in a variety of social and health care settings. I worked in community care and NHS setting. I have done a lot of work with couple and individual relationships. I have a passion for working with mindfulness, self-esteem, confidence, CBT and believe strongly in reaching outcomes desired by my clients using the therapeutic relationship. I welcome any new clients, and any questions. Please do ask anything else you would wish to know. Details on contacts page.

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